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When asked what his favorite music was, Duke Ellington said: “There are only two kinds of music. The good and the bad. I like the good.” That pretty much covers it. So when I started up a pair of online radio stations for psychedelic music, I included the Duke’s “Caravan.” Huh?

Yeah, and I didn’t include the so-called psychedelic classic “My Green Tambourine.” Or “If You’re Going to San Francisco.” Or any other of the nehru-jacket songs that cashed in on the hippie-music craze. Sun Ra sits next to Pink Floyd on this magic bus.

duke_ellington_sepia-150x150To me, psychedelic music at its best transports listeners to another place, another state of mind. Alternate states, via sounds. “Discorporate and come with me,” Frank Zappa invited us in a song. (“Discorporate means to leave your body.”) Zappa wasn’t a drug guy, but he made his share of psychedelic music.

Psychedelic Sight revolves around two works in progress: A list of the 50 greatest psychedelic albums, and one of the top 100 psychedelic songs.

Of course, “best psychedelic albums” would seem to be working a limited field, since psychedelic rock as a genre lasted for so short a time, basically 1966-1971. But using the criteria for this project, psychedelic music actually stretches backward and forwards for decades. Today, a new generation of artists are adopting the label — we’ll see how they do.

If the music blows your mind and fries the circuits of commercial radio, the door is open.

While the album list will cast a wide net, the top songs focus on psychedelic nuggets from the hippie era.

Meanwhile, readers contribute their favorite psychedelic songs and albums.

This site has nothing to do with drugs, outside of the mind-altering stuff’s influence on much of the music. And dashes of that good dope humor that’s almost mainstream these days.

Psychedelic Sight’s writers have long graduated from dope and booze, preferring to get high on acid rock, not acid. “Music is your only friend … until the end,” as the man sang.

The home page is the place to read news from the ever-evolving world of psychedelia. That page’s “Sixties Sights and Sounds” presents primo vintage videos.

In addition to music and concert reviews, the site also covers movies from the psychedelic era, hippie art, books — all the alternative-media paraphernalia that fits. The concerts section keeps up with bands of interest that still hit the road, and we look back at vintage set lists.

Work began on the site in the summer of 2007 under the name Porpoise Mouth.

Ideas, freakouts and memories always are welcome on this site. If the demand’s there (I have no idea), a forum could evolve.

This site also can be reached by calling up Psychedelic Site, a nod to the old ying and yang — and the fact that people will get it confused anyway.

I had something else to say, it seems, but it’s clearly time to discorporate.

— Glenn Abel


  1. About time! What took you so long putting this together? Someone needed to do it and who better then you.

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