Love’s ‘Reel to Real’ fast-fowarded

The more or less forgotten Love album "Reel to Real" makes its CD debut in late November, fortified with four "newly discovered" tracks by Arthur Lee. The 1974 album also will be "back on vinyl after more than 40 years" via a Feb. 19 rerelease on vinyl, according to the High Moon label. High Moon debuted the unreleased "Black Beauty" album by Lee several years ago. The "Real" album includes a dozen bonus tracks, 11 of them previously unreleased. Lee's classic lineup of Love -- the band behind the psychedelic music treasure "Forever Changes" -- was long gone. "Reel to Real" featured Lee working with his "Black Beauty" band and a posse of studio musicians, most notably the guitarist Harvey Mandel and the keyboardist Bobby Lyle. Like many albums of the day, it employed a trio … [Read more...]

Q3 on record: Love, Hendrix, Blind Faith

Love, Jimi Hendrix, Blind Faith and Yes are among the psychedelic-era artists with albums ready for resurrection in the third quarter of 2013. The vinyl revivalists will continue to pack the shelves of your favorite indie record store with psychedelic classics. Other formats in this record roundup are hybrid SACDs, CDs and MP3s. Love's "Da Capo" makes its debut on hybrid SACD on July 30, via Mobile Fidelity. It's billed as direct from the original master tapes, as was Sundazed's vinyl release. "Da Capo" has many fans, despite its split personality: Side 1 is the run-up to the band's classic "Forever Changes," with six breathtaking psychedelic classics that incorporate rock, Latin rhythms, jazz and classical. Side 2, notoriously, is surrendered to a 19-minute jam, one that … [Read more...]

Love, Arthur Lee: set lists

Love, Arthur Lee songs played in concert, 1970-1978. View more psychedelic rock set lists. Fillmore West Nov. 23, 1970 Product of the Times Stand Out Keep on Shining Andmoreagain Singing Cowboy Good Times Bummer in the Summer Find Somebody Signed D.C. Slick Dick Always See Your Face (Two sets; repeated songs not listed) Whisky a Go Go, L.A. featuring Bryan MacLean Oct. 21, 1978 Alone Again Or Andmoreagain Old Man Keep on Shining 7 and 7 Is Signed D.C. Good Times Singing Cowboy Also reportedly played during the Whisky reunion: My Little Red Book Orange Skies Everybody's Got to Live Who Are You/Movin' On sources: "Love Live," "Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love" About set lists: While these concert reports are double- and triple-sourced … [Read more...]

Love, Dead in National Recording Registry

Love's psychedelic rock classic "Forever Changes" and an ace live performance by the Grateful Dead are among the new recordings selected for the National Recording Registry. Adding to the good vibes over at the Library of Congress are Prince's soundtrack for "Purple Rain" and George Clinton's album "Mothership Connection" (Parliament). They are among the 25 entries on the 2011 Registry list, an honor that guarantees preservation and a sort of immortality for the works. This latest Registry list was unveiled May 23, 2012. 1967's "Forever Changes," ignored by the public in its day but long since considered a rock masterpiece, was the final album recorded by the original L.A. band Love, fronted by Arthur Lee. The album produced no hit singles, although lead track "Alone Again Or" has … [Read more...]

No. 37: Love’s ‘Da Capo’

Seconds into the opening track, "Stephanie Knows Who," it's clear that "Da Capo" represented new directions for Love and for rock. A harpsichord dances with guitar in the lovely prelude. A deep-throated sax breaks in. In the break, all of the song's instruments collide and veer off in different directions. The resulting passage is more in tune with free jazz than psychedelic music -- although this is unmistakably a hard rock song. "Da Capo" was Arthur Lee and Love's second album, out of three made with the his core group of L.A. musicians. The album was followed and overshadowed by the rock masterpiece "Forever Changes," but the songs here are streaked with brilliance and innovation. Many musicians' minds were blown by its collage of sounds and crazyquilt of influences, the material … [Read more...]

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