RSD Black Friday: USA, Tangerine Dream, Zappa

Record Store Day: Black Friday returns with a salute to the United States of America, a serving of Tangerine Dream and psychedelic musings from Frank Zappa, Procol Harum, the Doors and the Dead. Also on the psychedelic/'60s menu are reheated treats from the Byrds, Jerry Garcia, Sun Ra and ... Mr. Spock. Releases are on vinyl and are "Record Store Day exclusives" unless noted. Shopping begins at your local indie bright and (too) early Nov. 24. The United States of America oscillated its way to minor-league fame in the psychedelic year of 1968 -- then promptly broke up. The lone self-titled album was produced by David Rubinson. Featuring no guitar and heavy on experimental sounds, Joe Byrd's group drew on classical and vintage America genres. The brew came spiked with a dose of … [Read more...]

Black Friday books Hendrix, Joplin

Sets from Jimi Hendrix, Big Brother, the Zombies, Frank Zappa, Ween, and Stardeath and White Dwarfs top the psychedelic menu for Record Store Day's holiday edition, 2015. Other 1960s-vibed fare for Black Friday comes from Jeff Beck, Funkadelic, the Alan Parsons Project, NRBQ, MGMT and the Kinks. Also sure to interest collectors of the era's output is the 15th anniversary release of the "High Fidelity" soundtrack. Releases are all on vinyl and are Record Store Day exclusives unless noted (top section). Jimi Hendrix: Completists welcomed the CD release in 2006 of "Burning Desire," the Dagger label's collection of "authorized bootlegs" from the master guitarist's final years. Now Sony Legacy has the expanded vinyl version, on two LPs. First 5,000 are numbered. The Hendrix tracks were … [Read more...]

Joplin gets a star; Doors get skewered

LOS ANGELES -- Janis Joplin would have gotten a big laugh out of it, but the late rock star is slotted for a star on the Hollyood Walk of Fame. Meanwhile, psychedelic brooders Jim Morrison and the Doors are in for a tweaking from one of L.A.'s top comedy groups, the Troubadors. They've set "Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReinDoors" as their annual holiday musical, always a red-hot ticket in L.A. Joplin is most frequently associated with her San Francisco stomping grounds, but she made her final recordings in Hollywood and died a stone's throw away from its tourist center. Joplin, Jane's Addiction and seven other recording artists are in the class of 2013. The rest of the inductees are drawn from the pool of usual suspects, including Ron Howard, Helen Mirren and Katey Segal. The Walk of … [Read more...]

Combination of the 2: Adams as Joplin

America's sweetheart Amy Adams as hard-living, leather-voiced singer Janis Joplin? Yes, that was an enormous collective WTF from Baby Boomers and the Generation X'ers who love them. "Twilight" producer Wyck Godfrey let slip the left-fielder that Adams ("Enchanted," "Junebug") is the latest actress aiming to play Joplin in a biopic. “City of God” director Fernando Meirelles is aboard "Get It While You Can" as well, Godfrey says. Adams doesn't look her years -- 35 of them -- and Joplin always looked a lot older than hers. But at best Adams will go before the cameras being eight years older than Joplin when the singer died of shooting dope in a dicey Hollywood hotel. What could possibly prepare the former Mormon, ballerina, Disney princess and Gap greeter for inhabiting t … [Read more...]

Big Brother guitarist James Gurley dies

Big Brother and the Holding Company member James Gurley, once dubbed the "father of psychededlic guitar," has died at the age of 69. Gurley (center in photo, with Big Brother) died of a heart attack at his Palm Springs home, two days before his 70th birthday. Big Brother guitarist Sam Andrew wrote on the band's web site that "James was the spirit and the essence of the band in its early days. He showed us the way as a Zen master would show the way." Country Joe and the Fish lead guitarist Barry Melton has called him "the Yuri Gagarin of psychedelic guitar ... the first man in space." Gurly played on the band's recordings with Janis Joplin, notably "Ball and Chain" and "Piece of My Heart." His screaching intro to "Cheap Thrills" is among the best known guitar performances of the … [Read more...]

Monterey Pop Festival on Blu-ray

Monterey the rock festival still stands in the shadows of the unruly and iconic Woodstock, but "Monterey Pop" the film has no rival as a time capsule of late-'60s rock. D.A. Pennebaker's documentary was smarter, hipper and more musical than other rock films of the era. Yes, that includes the endlessly celebrated "Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music," recently tricked out on video for the fest's 40th anniversary. The Criterion Collection gave "Monterey Pop" its due back in 2006 with a carefully crafted DVD box set. Now, the connoisseur label is back with "Monterey Pop" in high definition video and lossless sound. Disc 1 of Criterion's Blu-ray box brings together a fully restored version of the original film and several hours of bonus performances. Disc 2 has the two spinoff films … [Read more...]

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