80 CDs of live Dead: Here comes ‘Sun’

The half-century celebration of the Grateful Dead continues at warp speed, with news of an 80-CD box set of unissued live shows. "Thirty Trips Around the Sun" resurrects 30 concerts, with more than 73 hours of music. The limited edition set (6,500, numbered) checks in with a $700 price tag. Release date for the Rhino set is Sept. 18. A four-CD set, "Thirty Trips Around the Sun: The Definitive Live Story, 1965-1995," boils things down considerably. A USB drive with all of the "Thirty Trips" content is planned as well, also at the $700 price point. The USB edition is limited to 1,000 copies. Dead partner Rhino is issuing the box set, which will be sold exclusively via dead.net The set more or less coincides with the series of "Fare Thee Well" concerts featuring surviving … [Read more...]

Bill Graham spotlighted at L.A. museum

The life and times of Bill Graham will be celebrated in Los Angeles with the first major museum show dedicated to the king of rock concert promoters. The Skirball Cultural Center, just north of metro L.A., will run the exhibition May 7-October 11. "Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution" will include memorabilia, photographs and, of course, classic psychedelic art posters from the two Fillmore auditoriums. The Graham family is contributing items not previously seen by the public. It is billed as the first major exhibition dedicated to the concert promoter and band manager. The Skirball, dedicated to preserving the Jewish heritage, previously hosted "Bob Dylan's American Journey, 1956-1966." Graham came to the U.S. at age 11 while fleeing the Nazis (his mother died at … [Read more...]

No. 18: ‘Happy Trails’

Bo Diddley didn't do psychedelic. Yet, somehow, the primal rock 'n' roller received credit for writing most of one of the hippie era's darkest and most imaginative albums. Diddley and Quicksilver Messenger Service were strange bedfellows -- Diddley claimed decades later to never had heard of the psychedelic rangers -- but the arm's-length collaboration produced more than a half hour of mindbending rock, spread across two songs. While 1969's "Happy Trails" is mostly a live album, it's considered an important original work from the San Francisco ballroom scene, along the lines of the Grateful Dead's 1968 "Anthem of the Sun." The albums were breakthroughs for both sophomore bands. As with "Anthem," the "Happy Trails" live recordings were spiced & spaced with studio overdubs. The … [Read more...]

A shot of Quicksilver at ‘Old Mill Tavern’

The holy grails for Quicksilver Messenger Service fans are, alas, the stuff of dreams, and no more. There will never be a classic studio album that captured the original lineup of the San Francisco band in its fiery glory -- a record that enshrines them in the psychedelic music pantheon. Nor will there surface another live set of the primo quality of "Happy Trails." Into the gap have come a stream of live recordings, some barely above bootleg quality. An startling exception came in April, with the release of "Live at the Fillmore -- June 7, 1968," a double CD from Purple Pyramid (Cleopatra) Records. Now we have the label's follow-up, "Live at the Old Mill Tavern -- March 29, 1970." It captures Quicksilver as it entered (or re-entered) the Dino Valenti era, as a six-piece, before … [Read more...]

Q2 on record: Lips, Traffic, Quicksilver, Dead

Flaming Lips, Traffic, the Grateful Dead, the Mothers of Invention and Quicksilver Messenger Service key the psychedelic music recordings in the year's second quarter. A lot of the action comes Tuesday, April 16, just a few days away from Record Store Day 2013: Flaming Lips release their downbeat "The Terror" in various configurations, including a limited edition silver vinyl LP. Side 4 is devoted to "We Don't Control the Controls (Mashed-the-F-Up-Remix)," a bonus track. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne tells fans to brace themselves for "a bleak, disturbing record." This appears to be the psychedelic band's 13th album -- the first since "Embryonic" way back in 2009 -- although the band engages in various side projects, such as last year's mostly faithful re-creation of King … [Read more...]

Quicksilver Messenger Service: set lists

Quicksilver Messenger Service songs played in concert, 1966-1970. View more psychedelic band set lists … [Read more...]

Love, Arthur Lee: set lists

Love, Arthur Lee songs played in concert, 1970-1978. View more psychedelic rock set lists. Fillmore West Nov. 23, 1970 Product of the Times Stand Out Keep on Shining Andmoreagain Singing Cowboy Good Times Bummer in the Summer Find Somebody Signed D.C. Slick Dick Always See Your Face (Two sets; repeated songs not listed) Whisky a Go Go, L.A. featuring Bryan MacLean Oct. 21, 1978 Alone Again Or Andmoreagain Old Man Keep on Shining 7 and 7 Is Signed D.C. Good Times Singing Cowboy Also reportedly played during the Whisky reunion: My Little Red Book Orange Skies Everybody's Got to Live Who Are You/Movin' On sources: "Love Live," "Forever Changes: Arthur Lee and the Book of Love" About set lists: While these concert reports are double- and triple-sourced … [Read more...]

Terry Reid: set lists

Terry Reid songs played in concert, 1968-1970. View directory of psychedelic music set lists. Fillmore West Dec. 15, 1968 Summertime Blues Penny Tinker Taylor I Put A Spell On You Highway 61 Revisited Writing on the Wall Summer Sequence Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Marking Time Isle of Wight, England April 27, 1970 Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace Things to Try C'mon Mary Silver White Light July Without Expression Dean No Good Situation Rich Kid Blues To Be Alone with You Sources: Wolfgang's Vault, The Clock That Went Backwards (soundboard), Setlist.fm About set lists: While these concert reports are double- and triple-sourced when possible, not all will be 100 percent accurate. Things get a bit hazy over a half century ... … [Read more...]

Moby Grape: set lists

Moby Grape songs played in concert, 1966-1967. View more psychedelic rock set lists. … [Read more...]

‘Happy Trails’ finally feels the love

Quicksilver Messenger Service rides again with a 180 gram vinyl release of "Happy Trails" that comes on the heels of last summer's audiophile CD version. Friday Music says its HQ vinyl "Happy Trails" is a "super limited edition." Copies were nearly gone the day the vinyl album debuted on Amazon. Acoustic Sounds still had the LP in stock. The recent music business interest in Quicksilver Messenger Service's early psychedelic albums comes after decades of neglect. The San Francisco band's first two albums -- considered their best, not the most popular -- suffered from stumble-bum treatment over the years, even going out of print. Meanwhile, Quicksilver contemporaries the Grateful Dead (Warner), Jefferson Airplane (RCA), Love and the Doors (Elektra) saw their classic recordings … [Read more...]

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