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amboy dukes journey to the center of the mind

‘Journey to the Center of the Mind’

The Amboy Dukes | 1968 single
Reader R. Roth says we should “just contemplate the title” of this blazing number from the Dukes’ second album. Yep, that’s Ted Nugent channeling Jules Verne on lead guitar.
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Just contemplate the title of this psychedelic hit single.

red sky at night 45 rpm single from 1967

‘Red Sky at Night’

The Accent | 1967 single
Reader Steve B. says: “Years ahead of its time soundwise.” The band from Yorkshire, England, produced this one 45 rpm record, and then got back into their time machine and disappeared.
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Years ahead of its time soundwise.

see emily play 45 rpm single with drawing by Syd Barrett

‘See Emily Play’

Pink Floyd | 1967 single
Reader Dejan says: “Everything in this Syd Barrett song is trippy: the meaning, the lyrics, the sound. … Great hit. I’m stoned.” Reader J. Perkins nods: “Surely this is the best.” Pink Floyd’s second single.
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Everything in this song is trippy. I’m stoned.

H.P. Lovecraft's first album

‘The White Ship’

H. P. Lovecraft | from “H. P. Lovecraft,” 1967
Reader Rapewta is on board for this 6 1/2-minute adventure based on a Lovecraft short story. “Major hypnotic. Spacy harmonies. The ship’s bell. Harpsichord. Haunting lyrics.”
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Major hypnotic. Spacy harmonies. Haunting lyrics.

I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night 45rmp

‘I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)’

The Electric Prunes | 1966 single
Reader R. Pederson cites the dazzling single’s “production, instrumentation and lyrics.” Plus, “It was written by two women.” The 3-minute buzz-blitz kicked off the “Nuggets”compilation in 1972.
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Red-hot production, instrumentation and lyrics.

Circus Maximus band debut album cover with song Wind


Circus Maximus | from the debut album, 1967
Reader D. Christensen says, “This track should definitely be on your list of best psychedelic songs.” That’s Jerry Jeff Walker of “Mr. Bojangles” fame (!) on the vocals.

doors single light my fire

‘Light My Fire’

The Doors | 1967 single and album version
Reader N. Ritter: “When Robby Krieger was writing the music for this song, he said, ‘If I’m going to write a song, might as well be about snakes, earth or fire.’ … The Doors: Now. Always. Forever.”
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The Doors: Now. Always. Forever.

White Rabbit EP cover by Jefferson Airplane

‘White Rabbit’

Jefferson Airplane | from “Surrealistic Pillow,” 1967
Reader D. Armstrong says this hauntingly surreal classic from the Airplane never gets old: “Lyrics and tone perfectly evoke the spirit and mystery of the psychedelic experience.”
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Perfectly evokes the spirit and mystery of the psychedelic experience.

‘Fat Angel’

Jefferson Airplane | from “Bless Its Pointed Little Head,” 1969
Reader Sun King says: “Pretty much anything off of ‘Baxter’s’ or ‘Crown of Creation.’ Honorable mention to ‘Fat Angel’ from the late ’60s live album. Good on you for putting this list together.”
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Love Forever Changes

‘The Red Telephone’

Love | from “Forever Changes,” 1967
Reader D. Guelich called to say “Red Telephone” is a psychedelic classic. “It has the lyrical content of the time — and it’s just … awesome.” From the equally awesome “Forever Changes.”
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It has the lyrical content of the time — awesome.

rotary connection with minnie ripperton

‘Magical World’

Rotary Connection | from “Aladdin,” 1968
Reader D. Christensen hails this dreamy number from “an early group with Minnie Ripperton.” “Magical World” came from the psychedelic soul band’s second album.
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C.A. Quintet's Trip Thru Hell album cover

‘Trip Thru Hell’

C.A. Quintet | “Trip Thru Hell,” 1969
Reader R. Cordo nominates this instrumental mind-blower as the No. 43 top psychedelic song. The Minneapolis group made but one studio album, and it sold fewer than 1,000 copies. Huh?
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fever tree debut album cover

‘Imitation Situation 1 / Where Do You Go?’

Fever Tree | From “Fever Tree,” 1968
Reader R. Vandell says these Texas rockers “outdid Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ not just by writing a better song, but by outperforming Queen instrumentally!”
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With “Imitation Situation,” Fever Tree outdid Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

children of the mushroom 45 single

‘You Can’t Erase a Mirror’

Children of the Mushroom | 1967 single (B-side)
Reader Ferdinand L. digs “the way this song was played — the organ is just amazing.” Highly collectable single. Band out of Thousand Oaks, Calif., never recorded an album.
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Parable of Arable Land album cover drawing

‘Parable Of Arable Land’

The Red Krayola | from “Parable Of Arable Land” LP, 1967
Reader B. Lavin offers this prescient instrumental freakout. Subtitled “And the End Shall Be Signaled By the Breaking of a Twig.” Another psychedelic export from old weird Texas.
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Vanilla Fudge Renaissance cover

‘Faceless People’

Vanilla Fudge | from “Renaissance,” 1968
Reader Russell D. Brown made his case for Vanilla Fudge’s tastiness with the light-heavy workout “Faceless People.” The band featured the Carmine Appice song on its third album.
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small faces Itchycoo Park single cover

‘Itchycoo Park’

The Small Faces | 1967 single
Reader David Wasserman loves this flange-filled psych-pop hit for its “great message about being happy high in nature. … Terrific sound, instruments and voices. … ‘It’s all too beautiful, indeed.’ ”
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A great message about being happy high in nature.

H.P. Lovecraft second album

‘Mobius Trip’

H.P. Lovecraft | from “H.P. Lovecraft II,” 1968
Reader Will B. says this song written by H.P. Lovecraft’s George Edwards is frightfully good. “Mobius Trip” was among the Chicago band’s final songs.
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ultimate spinach first album cover

‘(Ballad of) The Hip Death Goddess’

Ultimate Spinach | From “Ultimate Spinach,” 1968
Reader P. Blazquez serves up this 8-minute psychedelic groove from the Boston hipsters. Barbara Hudson does the lovely ethereal vocals. There’s a Theramin break in there, somewhere.
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pink floyd's saucerful of secrets album cover

‘Remember a Day’

Pink Floyd | 1968 single (B-side)
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Reader Matt F. recalls this “wonderful song written and sung by Richard Wright with a nice vocal and slide guitar contribution by Syd.” From the second Pink Floyd LP, “Saucerful of Secrets.”

A wonderful song written and sung by Richard Wright, with slide guitar by Syd.

Fraser & DeBolt debut album

‘Don’t Let Me Down’

Fraser & DeBolt | 1971 single
Reader Lou C. is among the faithful few who remember Canadian folkies Allan Fraser and Daisy DeBolt. This psych-folk Beatles cover was the closing track on their first (and only official) album.

beatles I am the Walrus single 45 rpm cover

‘I Am the Walrus’

The Beatles | 1967 single
Reader S. Bagdadlian wants this one sky-high on the psychedelic songs list: “For the Lennon surrealistic lyrics, the fabulous video from the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ film and the mind-blowing music.”
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For the Lennon surrealistic lyrics, the fabulous video and the mind-blowing music.

"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" single by Iron Butterfly


Iron Butterfly | from the album “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,” 1968
Reader P. Brinckhaus wants to ensure we don’t forget this 17-minute slab of psychedelia: “A complete masterpiece.” Reader T. Goble calls it the “theme song for the psychedelic era.”
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Psychedelic Sounds album with Kingdom of Heaven song

‘Kingdom of Heaven’

13th Floor Elevators | from “Psychedelic Sounds,” 1966
Reader Simon S. says of this haunting track: “It’s one of the most psychedelic songs I’ve ever heard. And the most psychedelic vocal.” One of the six Powell St. John songs recorded by the Elevators.
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It’s one of the most psychedelic songs I’ve ever heard.

apple glass cyndrom single


The Apple-Glass Cyndrome | 1969 B-side
Reader Dan K. polishes the rep of “Someday,” a Norman Petty production out of rural New Mexico. It “perfectly captures both garage and psychedelic sounds.” Original single a rarity.
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