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Psychedelic Sight invites readers to nominate recordings for its lists of best psychedelic albums and psychedelic songs. Below are some of their picks. Also, view readers’ picks for best songs.
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Cover of Smile by the Beach Boys


The Beach Boys | 1966 recordings
Reader Dan Kind marvels at “how blessed we are that ‘Smile’ was finished during Brian Wilson’s lifetime, or our lifetime for that matter. The greatest ‘lost’ psychedelic album of all time.”
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The greatest “lost” psychedelic album of all time.

Steve Hillage prog album Green


Steve Hillage | 1978
Reader G. Fowler gets off on this album by the former Gong/Khan guitarist, produced by Nick Mason. It’s a psychedelic classic “cause when you hear it you hallucinate — quod errat demonstradum innit.”
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A classic because when you hear it you hallucinate.

Vanilla Fudge Renaissance album cover


Vanilla Fudge | 1968
Reader B. Goldklang finds artistry in the first Vanilla Fudge album built around original material — five of seven tracks penned by the band known for gooey covers. “The songs were mind-blowing.”
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Mostly original material … the songs were mind-blowing.

presenting lothar and the hand people album cover

‘Presenting … Lothar & the Hand People’

Lothar and the Hand People | 1968
Reader J. Scorts is plugged into the first album from this pioneering electronic rock band. Rolling Stone called it “good-time music played by mad dwarfs.” Lothar was a Theremin.
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Good-time music played by mad dwarfs.

orange sunshine LP Love = Acid

‘Love = Acid, Space = Hell’

Orange Sunshine | 2003
Reader ElectricFungus finds “awesome fuzzed-out guitar with great vocals. Fungus favors “Hey Mama,” “a 15-minute trip through the psychedelic underworld.” Blue Cheer fans take note.

Take a trip through the psychedelic underworld.

millennium begin cover art


The Millennium | 1968
Reader Nico hails this “harmonious masterpiece of sunshine pop.” Reader T. Sutton says Curt Boettcher offers a “masterclass in headphone-melting sonic, harmonic alchemy.”
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A masterclass in headphone-melting sonic, harmonic alchemy.

album cover of Unicorn by Tyrannosaurus Rex


Tyrannosaurus Rex | 1969
Reader B. Lucas says of this early Marc Bolan effort: “The lyrics are some of the greatest surreal words ever put to paper and the music is strange but wonderfully beautiful.”
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Some of the greatest surreal words ever put to paper.

Strictly Personal by Captain Beefheart album cover

‘Strictly Personal’

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band | 1968
Reader R. Lewis gives this his stamp of approval: “I put up for your approval an album I hold very dear, by an artist who touched many, the Captain. A masterpiece of music.”
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An album I hold very dear, by an artist who touched many.

Brainticket album cover for Cottonwood Hill

‘Cottonwood Hill’

Brainticket | 1971
Reader R. Cordo notes that this early krautrock album warned, “After listening to this record, your friends may not know you anymore. Only listen once a day. Your brain might be destroyed!”
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Only listen once a day. Your brain might be destroyed!

Beatles album "Magical Mystery Tour"

‘Magical Mystery Tour’

The Beatles | 1967
Reader Jake wants to take you down to “Strawberry Fields.” And then “Blue Jay Way.” “That’s all I have to truly say.” How about: The Beatles in peak psychedelic form.
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Quicksilver Messenger Service

‘Quicksilver Messenger Service’

Quicksilver Messenger Service | 1968
Reader J. Matheson mails in support for the debut album by psychedelic pioneers Quicksilver Messenger Service. He cites the smart guitar work of John Cipollina on “The Fool,” all 12 minutes of it.
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Disraeli Gears album cover by Cream

‘Disraeli Gears’

Cream | 1967
Reader J. Pekpula runs the numbers on this seminal psychedelic blues album: “1) Clapton is god 2) Jack Bruce is god and 3) Ginger Baker is god.” The original supergroup, never surpassed.
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Eric Clapton is god … Jack Bruce is god …

dragonfly by U.S. band dragonfly


Dragonfly | 1968
Reader R. Lewis unearths a “never-discovered treasure.” Album from Colorado band has “well-crafted songs, with a touch of the blues, rock and of course psychedelic deluxe! Well worth finding!”
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A touch of the blues, rock and of course psychedelic deluxe.

eric burdon album Love Is with new Animals

‘Love Is’

Eric Burdon and the Animals | 1968
Reader David Wasserman says this double LP from the Animals’ psychedelic years is a “cohesive whole energetically.” He advises, “Turn out the lights, light a candle, feel the music, go on the ride.”
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Turn out the lights, light a candle, feel the music, go on the ride.

The Grateful Dead album Live / Dead

‘Live / Dead’

The Grateful Dead | 1969
Reader J. Taylor wants you to hear the album-opening 15-minute version of “Dark Star.” Epic. This was the Dead’s first live album, taken from shows in early 1969.
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Love Forever Changes

‘Forever Changes’

Love | 1968
Reader J. Sciortino calls this the “soundtrack to L.A. in the late ’60s. Brilliant melodies, great guitar flourishes and just perfect orchestration by David Angel. Could have been made today.”
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Jefferson Airplane After Bathing at Baxter's artwork

‘After Bathing at Baxter’s’

Jefferson Airplane | 1967
Reader A. Dorshkind offers this “sonic snapshot of the Haight in ’67 — a complete psychedelic experience.” It’s “sadly underappreciated, following in the wake of the pop-oriented ‘Surrealistic Pillow.'”
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album cover of Strange Days by the Doors

‘Strange Days’

The Doors | 1967
Several readers and an old pal are wondering why the Doors haven’t yet made our list. Fear not. Mr. Mojo will be rising. After “Strange Days,” the band pretty much left psychedelic music behind.
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Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland album cover artwork

‘Electric Ladyland’

The Jimi Hendrix Experience | 1968
Reader D. O’Donnell says the double LP deserves a primo spot on the list of 50 classic psychedelic albums. Reader M. Chant says it’s “a musical and poetic trip into a world of pure fantasy.”
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A musical and poetic trip into a world of pure fantasy.

jimi hendrix axis bold as love cover

‘Axis: Bold as Love’

The Jimi Hendrix Experience | 1967
Reader Moose says this was his first Hendrix album. “I didn’t know a guitar could sound like this. I started playing guitar. The world was never the same.”
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I didn’t know a guitar could sound like this. The world was never the same.

C.A. Quintet's Trip Thru Hell album cover

‘Trip Thru Hell’

C.A. Quintet | “Trip Thru Hell,” 1969
Reader R. Cordo recommends the hellish experience offered by the 9-minute opening instrumental. Acid rock of daring originality from a Minneapolis group that simply faded away.
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