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Psychedelic Sight invites readers to nominate recordings for its lists of best psychedelic albums and psychedelic songs. Below are some of their picks. Also, view readers’ picks for best songs.
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soft machine first album

‘The Soft Machine’

The Soft Machine | 1968
Reader D. Carrigan turns on to the “dreamy tracks that flow together, creating an album of tunes that work together. Lyrics that often only make sense in an ‘altered’ state of mind.”
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Dreamy tracks with lyrics for an “altered” state of mind.

Jefferson Starship cover

‘Blows Against the Empire’

Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship | 1970
Reader W. Cuje marvels at the “drug-inspired utopian hippie sci-fi lyrics combined with classic West Coast psychedelic rock.” With members of the Dead and Moby Grape. “Under-recognized.”
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Utopian hippie sci-fi lyrics combined with classic West Coast psychedelic rock.

13th floor elevators album

‘Easter Everywhere’

The 13th Floor Elevators | 1967
Reader R. Barta finds this Texas export “truly psychedelic.” The second album from “the first band to be labeled as psychedelic (as far as I know).”
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A truly psychedelic album from the genre’s pioneers.

White Noise debut album of electronic music

‘An Electric Storm’

White Noise | 1969
Reader R. Hill is plugged into this “long-forgotten but very avant- garde work” of early electronic music. … Could easily make you flip your lid if you were zoned out somewhere.”
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Long-forgotten but very avant-garde work. Could make you flip your lid.



Tomorrow | 1969
Reader Q. gives high marks to this early work of “good poppy psychedelia” out of England. “Steve Howe before Yes.” Leads off with the irresistible “My White Bicycle,” a top psychedelic song.

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Good poppy psychedelia with Steve Howe before Yes.

quicksilver messenger service album cover

‘Happy Trails’

Quicksilver Messenger Service | 1969
Reader A. Dorshkind says: “If anybody could give a sonic taste of what it sounded like to be on LSD, it was Quicksilver. Hear the cry of “crawling psychic beasts and singing angels.”
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Crawling psychic beasts and singing angels delivered by Quicksilver.

Funkadelic Maggot Brain cover

‘Maggot Brain’

Funkadelic | 1971
Reader Jerry digs this “must-have classic” from George Clinton and Co. “Super-catchy — heaps trippy.” From Eddie Hazel’s opening “spacey, epic guitar solo” to the final “flat-out psychedelic” jam.
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Super-catchy and heaps trippy — a Clinton classic.

fever tree debut album cover

‘Fever Tree’

Fever Tree | 1968
Reader S. Schuyler loves the “exquisite sound” and “great songs” on this Houston band’s debut album. He says the cover of “Clancy Can’t Even Sing” is even better than Buffalo Springfield’s original.
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Exquisite sound and great songs out of Texas.

Psych-folk album Full Circle

‘Full Circle’

Forest | 1970
Reader K. Simpson is still in tune with this English trio’s second (and final) psych-folk album: “Spacey, plaintive, fine songs. ‘Bluebell Dance’ and ‘Graveyard’ are classics.”
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Spacey, plaintive, fine songs from an English acid-folk trio.

Byrds' Younger Than Yesterday LP

‘Younger Than Yesterday’

The Byrds | 1967
Reader Rapewta loves the “soothing spaced-out feel” of the pre-country Byrds. “The 12-string Rickenbacker had a unique psychedelic sound. Takes me back to another dimension.”
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A soothing spaced-out feel. Takes me back to another dimension.

Doors psychedelic debut album

‘The Doors’

The Doors | 1967
Reader D. Armstrong says the Doors’ debut was the “first album by a major American artist which attempts to explicitly express the psychedelic experience.”
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Attempts to explicitly express the psychedelic experience.

Mr. Fantasy psychedelic album cover

‘Mr. Fantasy’

Traffic | 1967
Reader B. Calvillo says of Traffic’s debut: “The lyrics to every song are psychedelic and the music is very lysergic. Nice guitar jams as well as some sitar music. Very trippy cover.”
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Psychedelic lyrics and lysergic music. Very trippy cover.

Remember the Future sci fi prog album

‘Remember the Future’

Nektar | 1973
Reader Coolyman gets high on the sci-fi in the English progressive rockers’ concept album. The 36-minute suite tells the story of a blind child having a close encounter with an alien. Pop meets prog.
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Dutch psychedelic album by Group 1850

‘Agemo’s Trip to Mother Earth’

Group 1850 | 1968
Reader Race Baker says this Dutch LP “is almost too bizarre to believe: full-on acid rock, sound collages, raga, chants, flower-folk lullabies. Like a psychedelic gift from another planet.”
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Bizarre … like a psychedelic gift from another planet.

Notorious Byrds Brothers album

‘Notorious Byrd Brothers’

The Byrds | 1968
Readers M. Morton and M. Richards are going back for the “last raga/psychedelic gasp from the Byrds.” (Morton). “Great songs (and production) that reflect the spirit of the times” (Richards).
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The last raga/psychedelic gasp from the Byrds.

Revolver by the Beatles


The Beatles | 1966
Reader Francisco says take this Beatles masterpiece for a spin: “This album have flashers, dreamers and sweeters-raged sounds” … like “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Who could argue with that.
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Flashers, dreamers and sweeters-raged sounds from the Fabs.

The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union album

‘The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union’

Beacon Street Union | 1968
Reader Triple F says this slab of the Bosstown sound “grabs from the first note, doesn’t relent until the fade.” Check out what has to be the first psychedelic noir song, “South End Incident.”
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Grabs from the first note, doesn’t relent until the fade.

Ash Ra Tempel album from Krautrock band

‘Ash Ra Tempel’

Ash Ra Tempel | 1971
Reader Vivo bows before the lengthy dreamscapes created by this German trio: “Full-blown space rock that had never been heard before. They were pioneers, far ahead of their time.”
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Dreamscapes in full-blown space rock that had never been heard before.

Tame Impala first full album was Innerspeaker


Tame Impala | 2010
Reader J.M. Rodriguez says he “instantly had images and sounds in my head” with this neo-psych LP: “I think trees. All the greenery of the universe is really flavored and beautiful, and psychedelic.”
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I instantly had images and sounds in my head. I think trees.

Camembert Electrrique album cover by gong

‘Camembert Electrique’

Gong | 1971
Reader B. Dubilier says Gong is “one of the most psychedelic bands ever: Pot-head pixies and flying teapots.” Tune in to Radio Gnome on this Euro pudding band’s second album.
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Gong: One of the most psychedelic bands ever.

pink floyd debut album Piper at the Gates of Dawn cover

‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’

Pink Floyd | 1967
Reader josz (“a Mexican who loves psychedelic music”) says it’s “the legacy of the crazy diamond. Sounds like a trip of LSD falling into your ears.” K. Simpson says it’s “music from outer space.”
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It sounds like a trip of LSD falling into your ears.

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