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Behold, friends. These videos were featured on the home page of the music site Psychedelic Sight at some point, archived here for eternity — or until the labels complain. Consider these the site’s greatest videos hits.

Frank Zappa and his all-star Mothers band recorded in Paris, December 1970.

Curved Air talking about an old-school revolution in “Marie Antoinette” (1972).

Real live Yardbirds: “Train Kept A-Rollin'” on French TV show in 1968. Jimmy Page on Tele.

From 1967 — err, make that 1987 — the Dukes of Stratosphear introduce “Albert Brown.”

Keith Emerson and organ, before EL&P. A Nice take on “West Side Story.”

The neo-psychedelic sounds of Tame Impala. Fresh, yet lovely-familiar.

Blue Cheer, American Bandstand. Dick Clark: “You fellas work as hard as anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Arthur Brown, still crazy after all these years. Cover of a Simon Dupree cover.

Mountain moves the Cincinnati Pop Festival in 1970. Leslie West plays, Felix Pappalardi sings.

Procol Harum in support of “Broken Barricades.” That’s Dave Ball on guitar, not Robin Trower.

Big guitar from Big Brother on “Coo Coo,” a B-side and forerunner of “Oh, Sweet Mary.”

“So I tore the windows wide … ” — Pink Floyd live at Pompeii, all 24 minutes of “Echoes.”

Moby Grape, the set missed by most fans at Monterey. “Go ahead and play it on through …”

Country Joe & the Fish draw a portrait of “Not so Sweet Martha Lorraine.”

Red Crayola pilots “Hurricane Fighter Plane” (’67). Hat tip to reader B. Lavin.

The 13th Floor Elevators wail on “You’re Gonna Miss Me”

Tripping out with the Dukes of Stratosphear, mysterious UK psychedelic rock band. See?

Arthur Lee leads the final version of Love through the thrilling “Forever Changes” closer.

Dick Clark and Jefferson Airplane kill some time. “I can’t speak for another hippie …”

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