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Behold, friends. These videos were featured on the home page of the music site Psychedelic Sight at some point, archived here for eternity — or until the labels complain. Consider these the site’s greatest videos hits.

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From Abbey Road Studios, the Beatles sing “All You Need Is Love” on the Our World satellite broadcast. Lennon was working some gum at the time.

Cream at their peak. Not a psychedelic band, really, but they had a way with trippy songs.

Trip the light fantastic with the Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star.” Clip from an unreleased movie, shot in Veneta, Oregon, 1972.

Eric Burdon, known for burly rock, cooked up some terrific psychedelic songs midcareer, including this one, in which he name checks the stars of the Monterey pop fest.

Iron Butterfly’s best songs are little-known these days. Dig “Butterfly Bleu” in beautiful video.

Roger McGuinn’s home movie of the Byrds’ trip to London. “Fifth Dimension” soon followed.

Incredible, but there still exists color footage of Moby Grape playing on the “Mike Douglas Show.” He’s clueless; they’re great.

The Beatles were making music videos long before there was an MTV. Here is one of their best, the slightly psychedelic “Paperback Writer.”

The Airplane’s famous, but still underrated. Read about this psychedelic song.

Read about the classic Procol Harum albums, remastered in 2009.

R.I.P. Sky Saxon — the missing link between garage rock and psychedelia.

My pal Mark Weitz (keyboards) and his band the Strawberry Alarm Clock, still ticking.

The psychedelic masterpiece, none better: “A Day in the Life.”

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