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Behold, friends. These videos were featured on the home page of the music site Psychedelic Sight at some point, archived here for eternity — or until the labels complain. Consider these the site’s greatest videos hits.

(This is page 3 of our psychedelic music video collection.)

Blues Magoos — not among the greats, but not bad, either.

Randy California and Spirit, on a German TV show. Way underappreciated these days.

Suzy? Suzy Creamcheese? … A short strange film created by Frank Zappa and Ed Seeman.

The United States of America. Weird for the sake of being weird, or surrealism oozing into audio? Let’s hear it for this fan video.

The Dead in 1972. I saw them that year in Boulder, a transcendent day full of sun and weed.

Donovan, now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To younger generations, he may seem like a minor artist, but he was a pioneer in soft psychedelic rock, and one of the first to bring jazz to rock.

“Spanish Caravan,” complete with Lizard King poetry.

Jim Morrison and the Doors: All aboard “The Crystal Ship” in an Elektra Records music video.

John Lennon’s “Real Love,” with the surviving Fabs playing and singing along to Lennon’s demo. A taste of what might have been, and it’s sweet.

Miles in his black magic voodoo period. “Bitches Brew” blew some major-league minds and its influence is heard everywhere these days.

A great psychedelic single, inspired by a socialist bike-sharing scheme.

Arthur Lee and Love (Baby Lemonade). What a blessing it was that Lee got it together in the last decade of his life. Those “Forever Changes” concerts were tremendous.

“Love” brings together two psychedelic Beatles classics. See it when in Vegas.

“The Wall” went up again, via Roger Waters’ 2011-12 tours.

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