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Behold, friends. These videos were featured on the home page of the music site Psychedelic Sight at some point, archived here for eternity — or until the labels complain. Consider these the site’s greatest videos hits.

(This is page 2 of our psychedelic music video collection.)

Raw but ready, Yes appears on “Beat-Club” (Germany, 1969-1971). Jon Anderson, vocals.

A primo workout from the Vanilla Fudge. Hat tip to reader Russell D. Brown.

“Iron Butterfly Theme”: A sci-fi nightmare. Heavy, indeed.

Donovan probably wasn’t thinking goth horror, but this fan was …

Black Sabbath does “Paranoid”: Back in the day, these were some heavy vibes.

Fraser & DeBolt’s acid folk cover of “Don’t Let Me Down.” RIP, Daisy. Hat tip to reader Lou C.

Eyvind Kang finds joy in repetition with “10:10 the Beloved One.” Hat tip to reader Nick Abel.

Eric Burdon and War perform the cinematic “Spill That Wine” on European TV.

Electric Prunes investigate “The Great Banana Hoax” in 1968. Hat tip to reader Jill S.

The Pretty Things in “Defecting Grey.” Pretty trippy. Hat tip to reader Graham S.

Brainticket serves up “Brainticket” (1): Hat tip to reader Robbie C.

Moody Blues in the “Nights in White Satin” record-release video from 1967.

“Sparks” fly. The Who’s “Tommy” wasn’t considered a psychedelic album, but it had its moments.

The Electric Flag — a blues band that liked to get its freak on now and then. Weird.

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