‘Last DJ’ Jim Ladd in Deep with SiriusXM

Jim Ladd of SiriusXM's Deep TracksVeteran rock DJ Jim Ladd is going underground — via satellite.

Ladd, recently fired by longtime employer KLOS in Los Angeles, has found a home at Deep Tracks, the satellite radio channel reminiscent of the free-form FM stations of the 1960s and ’70s.

(Update: Listen to Ladd’s show on Deep Tracks from 7 p.m.-11 p.m. ET. Tom Petty’s show airs earlier on Thursdays as part of the reshuffle, at 2 p.m. ET.)

He celebrated the news by blasting the “stagnant, preprogrammed fodder that passes for radio today.”

Ladd, dubbed the “last DJ” by Tom Petty, was one of the few major-market rock radio hosts allowed to work without a playlist. He launches his nightly four-hour show in January, on SiriusXM Channel 27.

“I will be playing everything I want, from Pink Floyd to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, from the Doors to Moby Grape, freely and with no playlists,” Ladd said. “As I have always done throughout my career, I will be choosing all my own music (and) creating thematic sets.”

Ladd should prove a good fit for Deep Tracks, which focuses on lesser-known songs by top “underground” artists of the 1960s and ’70s, such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

The station’s stated concept is to play songs that didn’t chart, B-sides and live tracks. SiriusXM neighbor Classic Vinyl (channel 26) plays the era’s FM hits.

Deep Tracks is the closest thing to a psychedelic station on the satellite service. The channel’s “The Blacklight” program — “the finest in psychedelic rock” — is similar to Ladd’s hourlong “Headsets” segments. The Grateful Dead also have a channel of their own.

Deep Tracks’ big-name DJs are Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, both of whom do weekly free-form shows. Dylan’s show is so popular that archived episodes of his “Theme Time Radio Hour” now run 24/7 on an Internet-only SiriusXM channel (805).

Ladd seems eager to burn his bridges with terrestrial broadcasting: “Traditional FM radio has turned its back on the very thing that made rock radio the magical experience it was intended to be,” he said in the SiriusXM announcement of the deal.

“SiriusXM is kicking down the doors of the stagnant, preprogrammed fodder that passes for radio today by encouraging me to do my free-form show so we can all share this experience live as it happens.”

KLOS’ firing of Ladd came in a wave of layoffs created by Cumulus Radio’s buyout of Citadel Broadcasting. He wasn’t allowed a farewell show, so a local AM station offered him a one-time 3-hour slot to communicate with his fans. Rockers Roger Waters, John Fogerty, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Slash and George Thorogood were among the well-wishers who phoned in.

Waters included Ladd in one of his concept albums and tours. Petty’s “The Last DJ” song was written about Ladd.

Ladd, who calls himself “The Lonesome L.A. Cowboy,” built his audience on the legendary L.A. station KMET. He wrote the tell-all book “Radio Waves: Life and Revolution on the FM Dial” (1992). A critic of the time greeted the release by saying that Ladd remains “trapped in a 1960s-1970s time warp.”

For his satellite show, Ladd plans regular interviews with rock stars as well as listener call-ins. The Deep Tracks host most affected by the Ladd signing would appear to be Meg Griffin.

Before the satellite deal was announced Dec. 2, Ladd reportedly was in talks with the city’s 100.3 The Sound.

SiriusXM chief Scott Greenstein said: “Jim Ladd is a classic rock radio icon who turned curating a list of songs into an art form. We are proud and excited to welcome his free-form style to SiriusXM.”

Original MTV VJs Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn also have shows on the satellite service.


  1. Dana Gordon says:


    Thanks for being out there man, I listen at least on the way home every day of work and record a lot of your shows. Who else can do what Jim Ladd can? NO ONE!!!

    Peace, Love and Happiness and free form radio … play on brother

  2. Craig Carlton says:

    Hello Jim! — I listen to alot of your shows. BUT every one is recorded. You are GREAT I love what you do. I listen to you in USMC in Califorina back in those 1970s/ Lets shoot one out to the GREAT George Taylor Morris. I miss his show daily. Rest in peace GTM you will live in my heart forever.

  3. kevin palmer says:

    what else can i say other than truly amazing brother I drive big rig and i can’t wait for your four hours of true magic — pure GENUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Georgia says:

    Love the Deep Tracks. Takes me back in time in a very cool relaxing way

  5. William A. Roesler says:

    What else can I say Mr. Ladd but——-“Go Do That Voodoo, That You Do So Well”……….

  6. Gerry Vidal says:

    To the “Lonesome L.A. DJ.”….Hey Jim, boy, was I sooo stoooooked to hear your voice on Sirius XM. … I had been programming all the cool channels …. and you come on the air … I listened to you for years in my hometown of L.A. on the various stations you were on…but 4 years ago, I retired and along with my son we moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas (have family here) … you may be 1,500 miles away, but you’re riding shotgun with me in my car! Always loved your devotion to album cuts … and your theme shows were unique. All the best to you in your new gig … I’ll be listening to you — your “far-a-way” fan.

  7. Mark Schlichting says:

    Play more Moody Blues I remember KMET

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