Iron Butterfly: set lists

Iron Butterfly songs played in concert, 1967-1970.
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iron butterfly in concertGalaxy Club, L.A.
Nov. 9, 1967

Real Fright
Filled With Fear
Fields of Sun
It’s Up To You
Gloomy Day To Remember
Time to Ignore Evil Temptation
galaxy club iron butterfly posterHave You Heard?
Gentle As it May Seem
Lonely Boy
Iron Butterfly Theme
You Can’t Win

Fillmore East, N.Y.
April 27, 1968

Are You Happy
Unconscious Power
My Mirage
Iron Butterfly Theme
My Mirage
Are You Happy
Her Favorite Style
Iron Butterfly Theme

The Forum, L.A.
Aug. 22, 1970

Easy Rider (Let the Wind Pay the Way)
Best Years of Our Life
Shady Lady
New Day
Soldier in Our Town
Stone Believer
Butterfly Bleu

Sources: Bootlegs, Roio,

About set lists: While these performance reports are double- and triple-sourced when possible, not all will be 100 percent accurate. Things get a bit hazy over a half century …


  1. I say the Butterfly several times during this time frame at Thee Image in Miami Beach, Florida but surely do not remember specific dates. Any help in that regard?

  2. Somewhere in my attic I have a cassette tape of Iron Butterfly in Chicago. The quality as I remember is pretty bad, but now I have to go dig it out, a tougher task than you might image. Anyone out there have a copy of this? As I remember, I got it back in the early 80s from some guy who had a massive bootleg list. He of course sold through the mail. One day my order came back to me marked “p o box closed, no forward order on file”. I presume he got busted. Too bad, the guy had great stuff.

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