The Psychedelic Sight philosophy

When asked what his favorite music was, Duke Ellington said: "There are only two kinds of music. The good and the bad. I like the good." That pretty much covers it. So when I started up a pair of online radio stations for psychedelic music, I included the Duke's "Caravan." Huh? Yeah, and I didn't include the so-called psychedelic classic "My Green Tambourine." Or "If You're Going to San Francisco." Or any other of the nehru-jacket songs that cashed in on the hippie-music craze. Sun Ra sits next to Pink Floyd on this magic bus. To me, psychedelic music at its best transports listeners to another place, another state of mind. Alternate states, via sounds. "Discorporate and come with me," Frank Zappa invited us in a song. ("Discorporate means to leave your body.") Zappa wasn't a drug … [Read more...]

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